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S-Fold Curtains

Want to know more?

S-Fold is the contemporary new curtain system that creates perfect continuous waves in your curtain. The unique track system glides smoothly while holding each fold perfectly in place along the whole width of your curtain.
S-Fold curtains have an extra long drop enabling them to be hung from the ceiling or high on the wall.
The drop length can be easily adjusted in minutes.

How do I buy S-Fold curtains?

  1. Choose your type, fabric and colour
  2. Measure your width, select your track size and design
  3. Match the size of your curtain to the size of your track


What are the fabric options?

Our range includes both sheer and blockout fabric choices.



  • Allows natural light to filter in

  • Maintains daytime privacy only

  • Eliminates harsh sun glare

  • Preserves external views



  • Allows for maximum light control

  • Maintains daytime privacy only

  • Provides insulation

  • Provides maximum privacy

Design tips

  • Remember to hang your curtains high and wide to make your windows look bigger and ceiling higher. Take this into account when measuring your window and walls.

  • Create a luxurious hotel look by hanging Sheer and Blockout curtains on the same window using Freedom’s S-Fold double brackets.

  • Joiner accessories are available to connect tracks together to create your perfect track length.

How to Measure

  • Use a metal tape measure for accuracy. Make sure your tape measure is level.

  • Specify all measurements in cm.

  • Decide whether your curtain is going to be a Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount.

Important Note 

S-Fold tracks must always be installed into wall/ceiling timber studs.

Note: A minimum of 10cm on each side and top is recommended.
We suggest you hang your curtains as high and wide as possible.


Example: 120cm window = use the 140cm track
Create a luxury look with the 180cm track or go wider with wall to wall design


Curtain Drop: All Freedom S-Fold curtains are 280cm in drop length.

Hemming tape is included in each pack and is easily applied with an iron & ironing board.

How does S-Fold work?

The S-Fold curtain requires a specially designed track. Freedom’s S-Fold track system comes with everything you need for both wall and ceiling mounted curtains. Freedom’s S-Fold curtains are designed to perfectly fit the S-Fold track system only.

Note: S-Fold curtains can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted.

Please refer to the diagrams which demonstrate the various mounting options.


Components & Installation

  • All S-Fold tracks come with appropriate components and easy installation instructions.

  • Freedom do not recommend cutting down S-Fold tracks to size. Joiners are available.

  • Double brackets available for layering S-Fold curtains.

  • Wands available as accessory for easy curtain opening and closing.