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Reed Diffusers

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Reed Diffusers information

Reed diffusers are an innovative and good-looking way to bring beautiful fragrance into the home. The advantage with these pieces is – unlike a candle – they can be left to create scent throughout the day without any wax mess. With no need for heat, reed diffusers are simply reeds submerged in fragranced oil blends, soaking up the scent and naturally filling the space with perfume.

Aromatherapy oils used in our Therapy Reed Diffusers have incredible benefits for the mind and body. Choose lavender and sage to unwind, beat stress and recharge. This fragrance is ideal for bath-time but is also beautiful in the bedroom.  Peony and petitgrain is a serene floral scent that works well in lounges and sun-rooms. You can even take this reed diffuser outdoors to enhance the garden’s natural aroma.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, choose a couple of the mini diffusers from the Ecoya range. We love the classic glass jars with silver lids which are perfectly sized for small to medium spaces. Pair one of these beauties with a scented candle from our wide range for an indulgent present.

Our Smith and Co range, with its bold black reeds, fits seamlessly into contemporary rooms and are a great addition to a home office. Fresh, unusual scents like lime and coconut can be enjoyed all over the home.