How to find the perfect dining table

Step one: Find your style

The dining table is your home’s hotspot for entertaining and sharing, in addition to its usefulness it should also represent your entertaining style.

Size: The space and mood of the room will dictate the size, shape and style of your dining table. The last thing you want is a large table squeezed into a small space. It’s claustrophobic at best. allow for around 50cm of space behind each chair at the table Measure the space before you set foot in a showroom.

Style: Are you more of a bruncher and luncher? Consider a circular café style table situated close to the kitchen – it’s a cute way to add casual elegance to your home. Are you into formal, fine dining dinners? A long and deep dining table in a French farm house style or a sophisticated parquetry tabletop will set you up nicely.

Chairs: Your dining chairs are real game-changers for your table. It’s all about mixing style with substance – because comfort is a real issue here. Armrests and upholstery are a must-have for a mature take on sophistication. But if you’re more about a fun and fuss-free vibe, mix things up with different colours and styles.

Step two: Dress up your table

Colour: A wash of pastel can add a soft sophistication to a meal. Opt for a main hue throughout most of your tableware – such as yellow plates and bowls – and then pair it with a cute second colour in your tablemats, runners and vases (a soft grey goes with everything!). Coloured glassware will always look beautiful, from morning to evening.

Pattern: Matchy matchy is over, instead you want patterns to clash and add a bit of personality to your tabletop. - white for basic tableware + add a quirky jug, mug or vase - Shaker-inspired chairs mixed + industrial metals.

Remove clutter: Elbowroom is essential to a happy meal. To accessorize, choose fresh flowers. Even if it’s a simple stem or a leaf, it just adds instant beauty to your setting.”

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