How to choose your wall decorations

Step one: Where?

Before you invest, think about the room and the wall space it will fill. The rule of thumb isn’t always, ’A small artwork for a small room’. Sometimes a petite space looks really beautiful sporting an oversized canvas.

Bedroom + Living Room:

Statement artworks and mirrors make a big impact as conversation pieces

Transition zones:

Small groupings of vintage style posters can add an interesting personal touch

Step two: How

1. salon: practice on the floor before you commit to hanging the group on the wall. Keep the artworks tightly packed together for maximum impact and use one piece as the central focal point.

2. Track hanging: hang art without damaging walls, it also offers flexibility when you want to change things about or add a new work.

3. Frames: Another style statement is to group your artworks together in similar frames. Keep groupings in odd numbers and hang in a uniform row.

Style tip: center it at eye level. Consider if you'll usually be standing or sitting in the space, and select your eye-level height accordingly.

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