How to choose the right sofa

Step One - Proportions

A large sofa can engulf a space, while something too small can get lost in a large room. The trick?

1. Measure + mark out the actual dimensions with newspaper It’s the best way to understand the length and depth of how the piece will work with the rest of your furniture.

Smaller Rooms:

  • 2.5 seater or smaller modular
  • Small 2 seater + occasional chair

Bigger Rooms:

  • Larger modular
  • A combination of 3-seater or 2-seater sofas

Step Two - Fabric or Leather?

Leather is a really strong all rounder – hardwearing, smart looking and long lasting while fabric offers more colour options, patterns and textures to play with.

Leather: Like wine, leather gets better with age. It develops character and becomes and become softer and more comfortable. Cheaper, thinner leather (such as nubuck or aniline) are very absorbent – which spells trouble when spills occur

Fabric: You can choose anything, from bright geometric patterns, to subtle pastel florals. This makes it easy to select a style that fits with your own personal taste and room colour scheme. Choose a fabric that’s textured or a multi-coloured weave because they are much more serviceable for the home.

Style tip: Still can’t decide between the two? Then why not have the best of both worlds: a fabric sofa and a leather armchair or vice versa.

Step Three – Dress Up

A sofa shouldn’t dominate the look of the entire space - it needs to work in harmony with the rest of your room. A mix of different textures is the best way to pull a space together.

You can even update your look for guests with a generous scattering of cushions. Earn extra style points for playing with shapes – a mix of rectangular, square and round cushions keeps things interesting.

Occasional chairs are the perfect way to add the finishing touch to the room. You can be playful with upholstery and colour in a way you wouldn’t do on a sofa.

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