Guardsman Accident Protection Terms & Conditions

Freedom Furniture Care Collections
Provided by Guardsman Enjoy a 5 year protection against all accidental stains and accidental damage.

Protect your new furniture with our 5 year product protection warranty from the accidental stains and damage of a life well-lived. Developed in conjunction with our partner, Guardsman, it’s a sure way to ensure your sofa is protected against accidental stains and damage.

What you’re covered for:

Stains (including but not limited to) those caused by food, human and pet bodily fluids, drinks, pen and ink, nail polish, lipstick, blood, acids, bleach and corrosives, cosmetics, glues, waxes, chewing gum, paint, crayons, fake tan and hair dyes.
Accidental Damage including rips, tears, cuts and burns.

For full details of inclusions and exclusions covered by your Furniture Care Collection, see terms and conditions:

Valuable Financial Protection

Replacing a single panel on your sofa could easily cost over $400. But with a fabric or leather furniture care warranty, you can make as many claims over five years as you have genuine accidents, up to the original purchase price of your furniture (T&Cs apply).

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