Care Cover Accident Protection Terms & Conditions

Care Cover Accidental Protection Plans (APP) Terms & Conditions

Valid from 1st May 2015

The Care Cover Accident Protection Plan (APP), covers you against accidental damage and is the first step in protecting and maintaining your new furniture & bedding. By correctly looking after your new purchase and by using the approved products with your care system and Protection Plan, you can enjoy many years of stress free comfort. Under the APP, if accidental damage occurs to your furniture covered by your Plan, you may be entitled to:

  • A repair of your product;
  • A replacement of your product;
  • Re-selection of a similar product; or
  • Your money back for the cost of your Protection Plan.

Please read the terms and conditions below which set out the circumstances in which you will be entitled to the protection described above.

Terms and Conditions Details

1. The leather care products that are part of the Leather APP includes a 250ml Leather Cleaner/Conditioner, 250ml Leather Protection Gel, application cloth and the APP, which Plan is only available with the purchase of new leather furniture or bedding from your retailer and/or our commercial partners. The fabric care products that are part of the Fabric APP includes a 250ml Fabric Spot Cleaner, 250ml Fabric Deodoriser, application cloth and the APP. This Plan is only available with the purchase of new fabric furniture or bedding from your retailer and/or our commercial partners. The mattress protector product that is part of the Mattress APP includes the fitted mattress protector and the APP. This Plan is only available with the purchase of a new mattress from your retailer and/or our commercial partners. The APP only applies on the condition that the new leather and/or fabric furniture, bedding or mattress purchased from your retailer and/or our commercial partners was delivered in a clean and undamaged state.

2. The care products should be applied in accordance with the instruction on each label. The furniture, bedding or mattress must be cared for and maintained during the term of the APP in accordance with the care instruction for that item.

3. The use of any other cleaner, protector and/or care products on the furniture or bedding other than those comprising these Care Systems will immediately invalidate the APP and it should be noted that the Leather Care System is not suitable for nubuck, suede and other unfinished leathers and should NOT be used on these. Additional products for the ongoing care of your furniture are available from our retail partners or by calling 1300 453 284.

4. Protection Plan Inclusions - What is covered? All Accidental Stains (Including but not limited to):

  • Drinks and Food
  • Ballpoint Pen and Crayons
  • Nail Polish and Lipstick
  • Blood
  • Acids, Bleach and Corrosive marks
  • Cosmetics
  • Waxes, Glues and Paint
  • Chewing gum
  • Human bodily fluids
  • Pet bodily fluids

Accidental Damage (Including and not limited to):

  • Scratches
  • Rips
  • Scuffs
  • Broken top stitching
  • Burns
  • Pet damage one incident only (surface covering only)

Pets - the normal behaviour of pets, such as cats, dogs and birds is to scratch, claw or chew furniture simply because of their nature. For this reason there is a duty of care by you as the owner to ensure your pet does not damage your furniture. This policy will provide a repair for pet damage for one incident only and to a limited area of your furniture or bedding on the surface covering only. 

5. The APP is valid only for the original purchaser. Care Cover Pty Ltd will, at its discretion, clean, repair or replace any part of the furniture/bedding leather, fabric, or the mattress, that is accidentally damaged or stained within 5 years of the purchase date if the care products are unable to remove the damage or stains set out at clause 4.

6. The APP is conditional on the original purchaser using the care system to clean, care and protect the new furniture, bedding or mattress and is subject to the terms of the APP.

7. If any accidental damage or stain should occur, you should quickly attend to it by following the instructions on the product labels. Contact Care Cover’s customer service centre - 1300 453 284 - for assistance or cleaning advice.

8. The APP is only applicable for private and domestic purposes in Australia and New Zealand.

9. You must notify Care Cover of any accidental stain or damage within five (5) days of it occurring by calling the customer service centre on 1300 453 284. You will be required to complete and return a claim form with photos of the damage to our customer service team. This information is necessary for all claims and will help speed up the process.

10. If a stain cannot be removed or the furniture surface is damaged, Care Cover Pty Ltd will provide an authorised representative to inspect, clean or repair the damaged area of the furniture, bedding or mattress at no cost to you. Should the stain or damage not be repairable to a satisfactory standard, Care Cover Pty Ltd will, at its discretion, arrange for the stained or damaged area to be replaced at no cost and the APP terms and conditions will continue for the duration of the plan. In some geographical areas, claims may take longer to process than normal.

11. If there is not an authorised representative within a reasonable distance (200km’s - see Clause 16) of the customer’s location, the furniture will need to be transported to the closest authorised representative at the customer’s cost. Please call the Care Cover customer service team on 1300 453 284 to arrange a solution for this situation.

12. If the stain or damage cannot be removed or repaired Care Cover Pty Ltd reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, do one of the following:

  1. obtain original or similar leather or fabric, to replace the damaged area with no guarantee of an exact colour match due to dye lot variation etc., but will provide the closest possible colour match available at the time in the same style of the existing cover; or
  2. replace the damaged product; or c) provide the customer with a credit up to the value of the original purchase price of the damaged product from the retailer or commercial partner of that product, for the customer to then re-select a similar product from the retailer or commercial partner within 3 (three) months of receiving the credit. Where the price of the re-selected product at paragraph
  3. above is more than the original purchase price of the damaged product, the customer agrees to pay the difference. Where the price of the re-selected product is less than the original purchase price of the damaged product, the customer agrees to forfeit the difference.

13. Care Cover reserves the right to offer the customer's money back on their APP if the customer is not satisfied with available fabrics or replacement leather, or where the customer has failed to reselect a product within the time period set out in clause 12 c. A refund of the cost of the APP, or the replacement of item under clause 12 b, or reselection of item under clause 12 c terminates the plan.

14. Care Cover Pty Ltd.’s liability is limited to a maximum of the actual purchase price of the damaged furniture, bedding or mattress and if there is a total replacement of the furniture, bedding or mattress, the replaced furniture becomes the property of Care Cover Pty Ltd. The new furniture, bedding or mattress is not covered under this plan and the APP is therefore deemed concluded. A new APP is required for any replaced furniture items and is to be purchased by the customer.

15. The APP is limited to genuine accidents. Stains and damage caused by abuse or neglect will not be covered, nor will claims deemed as wear and tear. Refer to Clause 17b.

16. Care Cover will provide a repairer or pay for the transportation of the damaged item within 200km to the nearest authorised representative. For distances over 200km from the nearest authorised representative, the customer is responsible for the cost of either the authorised representative’s travel or the transportation of the damaged furniture, whichever is the customer’s preferred option.

17. Protection Plan Exclusions - What is not covered? Care Cover Pty Ltd, its partners or affiliates, are not responsible for damage to the leather or fabric lounge, bedroom suites or mattress as a whole:

  1. Resulting from the customer’s failure to pre-test the care products in accordance with the instructions;
  2. Resulting from abuse, neglect or a malicious, deliberate act whether by human or animal, and other factors including sunlight, fading, normal wear and tear, storm, tempest, lighting, fire, flooding, explosion, earthquake, aircraft or other vehicle impact or by use of the furniture for a purpose it was not intended;
  3. Where a claim is made against the manufacturer or an insurance company;
  4. Resulting from dye transfer from other materials or clothing.
  5. Where damage is caused by normal wear and tear including damage due to soiling from perspiration, body or hair oils, medication, fading or loss of colour resulting in the leather, fabric or the mattress being impregnated by other dyes or emitting an odour or pungent smell;
  6. Being structural faults covered by manufacturing warranty;
  7. Resulting from fraud or misrepresentation of any kind;
  8. Being flaws/pre-existing faults or manufacturer recalls in leathers or fabrics, or the use of poor quality materials by the manufacturer;
  9. Caused by transportation, freight or installation;
  10. Caused by rodents or insects;
  11. Caused by delivery or during shipment of the furniture;
  12. Caused by, or arising from, a defect in the leather, fabric or mattress or the manufacturing process.

18. The APP does not extend to any loss or damage to a person or property direct or indirect arising from the use or inability to use the item or our care products.

19. The APP does not exclude or restrict any condition or Warranty imposed or implied by any consumer legislation in Australia, often referred to as the ACL 2010 that is governed under commonwealth legislation. For NZ customers, this APP does not exclude or restrict any condition or Warranty imposed or implied by any consumer legislation in NZ, often referred to as the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA)

20. This APP does not cover damage caused by moving the furniture either from house to house, or room to room or any other mode of moving the furniture, bedding or mattress where it can be deemed that this is the most likely cause of damage.

21. This APP does not cover damage to internal frames, mechanisms or cushion interiors.

22. This APP does not cover odour or smell resulting from stains or spills. How to make a claim Contact Care Cover Pty Ltd by telephone - Australia - 1300 453 284, New Zealand - 0800 080 039 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5 pm, AEST, excluding public holidays. Online 24 hours a day by emailing: Care Cover Pty Ltd will obtain information to assist your claim and will require our claims form to be completed. Details will include:

  • Your name, address, email and contact numbers;
  • Purchase details and description of the furniture;
  • The Care Cover Protection Plan number;
  • Proof of purchase of these Care Products and the item that has been affected in the form of digital photos;

Privacy Policy

Care Cover Pty Ltd in accordance with the Privacy Act of Australia will deal with the information for this Accident Protection Plan and any information collected by Care Cover Pty Ltd, or its associates, from customers will only be used to administer the Accident Protection Plan, renewal of such plans and to service customer claims. A copy of our privacy policy can be found on our website at From time to time, Care Cover Pty Ltd will share your information with other brands under the MSI group of companies of which we are an affiliate. This will be for the purpose/s of contacting you in offering other services we provide to the marketplace in regards to repairing, cleaning and other products we may offer from time to time in caring for your furniture and/or bedding products. Should you wish to opt out of receiving such information, please send an email to Care Cover Pty Ltd reserve the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time. These amendments will be noted on our website at