Rugs & Floor Coverings Care


  • Vacuum regularly. Weekly vacuuming will reduce the effect of excess pile. Wool rugs will naturally shed excess pile during the first three months (or more depending on use). For jute and coir rugs the best care is regular vacuuming.
  • Treat spots and stains promptly to prevent damage to the rug and to make cleaning easier.
  • Blot Liquids with a dry absorbent white cloth or white paper towel
  • Contact a rug cleaning specialist if the stain cannot be removed.
  • Use with a rug underlay, this will help to prevent the risk of dye transfer to the under surface, rug movement and to help protect timber flooring.
  • Cut loose threads carefully with scissors. Never pull.


  • Never rub a spill. 
  • Leave in direct sunlight - this can cause excessive fading.
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