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A tidy, well organised home is a peaceful one and Freedom offers every kind of storage solution for your specific problem area.

One of the easiest ways to get organised is with storage boxes. Smaller units are excellent for documents, photos and cards and can be stacked easily in cupboards or on shelves. Larger boxes like trunks are perfect for linen, blankets and even out-of-season clothes.

Items that need to be neatly housed but readily on-hand are best stored in storage baskets. These beautiful pieces add to the décor of your home and can be placed anywhere in the house – from the bathroom to the lounge, the passage to bedrooms. Baskets are great for magazines, electronic equipment, dog leads and toys and even boots and shoes.

Actual standing storage and shelving units are an easy way to store items in bedrooms, lounges and corridors and have the added benefit of surface spaces for photographs and décor accents. Smaller pieces that help you keep your things well ordered and out of sight include beautiful laundry hampers, stylish shoe racks and even coat-hangers and coat racks.

From rustic materials like bamboo and rattan to solid timber and industrial steel, our storage range will offer something for every décor need as well as an effortless way to keep your home efficient without compromising your style.