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Canisters & Jars

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Canisters & Jars information

An organised kitchen is an efficient one and you can achieve both a fabulous look and a convenient storage solution through a collection of canisters and jars.

Glass jars are your pantry or food cupboards best friend. Glass makes it easy to view the contents and keep staples fresh and in an air-tight environment. Use these glass jars to house rice, pasta, flour, sugar and grains like polenta and cous cous or beans and lentils.

Glass jars are also handy in the fridge especially if you like to store vegetables without plastic. Preserves, condiments and small veg like cherry tomatoes are easily stored in these jars and are quick to identify because of the glass. Stack them together on the shelves or lie them on their sides in the crisper drawers.

Cannisters in a solid colour, steel or wood finish add interest and texture to kitchen counters. These containers are perfect for tea bags, coffee grounds or beans and even coffee machine pods. Choose your selection in a secondary colour that echoes patterns in your tea towels, oven mitts and aprons for a smart, curated look.

If you love the organised look of cannisters and glass jars, don’t limit yourself to kitchen storage. They work well in the laundry for washing powder as well as in the bathroom for cotton wool balls, bath salts and make-up brushes.