We all desire to live in a space that functions well and looks amazing. Let these top interior tips help you achieve exactly that.

1: Every room tells a story, so it’s not surprising that decorating your home follows the same principles as a good book. The main protagonist is your focal point, with secondary characters played by contrasting textures, patterns and colours, which add interest and depth to a space. Your focal point might be a headboard in the bedroom, a rug in the living room or a chandelier in the stairwell; but whatever it is, choose something that will draw the eye, anchor the space and add a little drama.

2: Resist the urge to overfill a space as it tends to make a room feel heavy and cluttered. Keep mementos to a minimum and allow adequate space between furniture so you can move freely around the room. Spend your budget wisely and choose quality over quantity – a room with fewer but more valuable pieces will always look more polished than a room cluttered with cheap knick-knacks.

3: Layering is simply the art of combining shape, texture, colour and pattern to create visual interest in a room. Start by choosing your focal point and then use it to set the tone for the rest of the space. Don’t get caught up matching everything to that one item of inspiration; instead use it as the first piece of the puzzle and build your layers from there.

4: Colour is often the most effective (and inexpensive) means of adding a little attitude to a room. There are a million ways to introduce colour – from cushions to art, flowers to rugs and everything in between. A main colour, with one or two accent colours used sparingly, is a popular approach.

5: Use a range of lighting options in varying heights and locations to ensure a beautifully lit room. In living rooms, vertical light is a great way to create ambience as well as highlighting shelves and artwork. It goes without saying, but good-quality task lighting installed over kitchen benches and bathroom vanities is an absolute necessity.

6: Curtains and blinds provide the perfect ‘final edit’ to any room and, if done right, can transform a simple window into a stunning focal point. If you’re redecorating or just have a few questions about the look you’re wanting to achieve, then book a session with the interior decorating team at Freedom. They’ll come to your home and help you find fabric from their extensive range of designer textiles, to create beautiful bespoke curtains and blinds. Remember that the windows in your home connect you to the surrounding landscape, and how you choose to dress them is the ultimate reflection of your style and personality.

Text by Annick Larkin.



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