Myelz Moss travels the world sourcing inspiration, exotic materials and highly skilled international craftsman to curate each Freedom Furniture collection. Here, he gives his top tips to creating the perfect outdoor room this New Zealand summer.

Let’s face it, on those warm, summer nights, there is nothing better than entertaining friends, cranking the BBQ and opening a bottle of wine.

Treat your outdoor areas as you would any other room in the house, living should be easy; design a space that is inviting and flexible with a balancing act of textures, lush greenery and key furniture with enough “breathing” space to allow for guests to easily flow between the home and outside.

Create the ultimate outdoor retreat with a few easy steps:

1. Be sure to start with a solid understanding of the desired outcome - will you primarily be entertaining friends for dinner or lounging with a book etc.

2. Thinks smart - tight on space but want a dining table? Benches are a fantastic way to maximise tight spaces, when not in use - slide underneath the table and reclaim the space.

3. Maximise vertical space - create an urban oasis a green wall or herb garden and break up corners with round shapes in pots and café tables.

4. Anchor the foundations of your space with outdoor rugs.

5. Play with colour - add interest with fun, ceramic decorator pieces or colourful, patterned pots.

6. Get adventurous with prints and patterns - flamingos and tropical birds are strong in this seasons palette



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