Gone are the days where a line of symmetrical family portraits were the only appropriate wall decorations. This year sees the continuation of the “Wall Art” trend. But with new trends comes new challenges, so we’ve compiled a few handy tips for curating your very own “Gallery Wall” that will wow guests and stamp your style on any indoor space.


1. Variety – alongside photographs and traditional artworks, incorporate other objects to add dimension. Hanging plants, mirrors of varying sizes and styles or woven wall hangings add further texture and colour


2. The current trends offer a variety of design options to suit any home décor:

* Photographic prints and canvases are strong this season. Beach

 or desert scenes are timeless and often neutral in tone, these prints never go out of fashion 

* For homes with limited outdoor space, bring the jungle indoors and liven blank spaces with vertical gardens

* For the more adventurous, ornate woven wall hangings are still popular this season. From basket bowls to macramé dream catchers – these statement pieces instantly add character to a room


3. Keep it real - offset large, statement canvases or prints with something a little more personal on a neighbouring wall. Think instax prints from a recent trip, or a string of shells. Small, individual details take a home gallery wall from good to great


4. Not so sure? Play it safe - you can never go wrong with one hero statement or small set of artworks to achieve scale. Generally, the bigger the artwork the bigger your space will feel. No home is too small for a gallery wall. The general rule: as long as you love it, almost anything goes


5. Do your due diligence - be sure to follow instructions on how to hang those statement pieces. Whether it’s a large piece of art or a mirror, there is nothing worse than spending hours curating your space to see it all fall to pieces, literally!


If you’re thinking about revamping a space in your home, but still not sure where to start, our interior decorators are always available to help you achieve your styling goals.

Head into your local store or visit to find out more about how to create your wonder wall.




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