ECOYA have collaborated with some of Australasia’s leading florists to create three Limited Edition fragrances for the winter season. This collection is the first ever collaboration for the home fragrance brand. Sean Cook of MR COOK in Sydney, Kelly Karam of BLUSH in Auckland and Jardine Hansen of JARDINE BOTANIC in Tasmania, have designed their perfect bouquet in fragrance form, for ECOYA. ECOYA General Manager, Claire Barnes, “We proposed to our florists the idea of creating their perfect bouquet. We worked with our perfumers to create variations of the florist’s ‘bouquets’. Our graphic designers worked with Sean, Kelly and Jardine to create packaging that depicts the essence of the fragrance inside. A really important objective for us was to ensure this was a true collaborative project between us all. The result is magical.”

The three Limited Edition fragrances are available in both the ECOYA Madison Jar and full-sized ECOYA Fragranced Diffuser, in store February 1, 2018 – in time for Valentine’s Day, an exceptionally popular day for both floral and home fragrance industries.



Designed in collaboration with Tasmanian florist and Jardine Botanic founder, Jardine Hansen.

A fresh and exciting composition with bergamot top notes and a heart of green leaves, sweet amber and geranium. An oriental base of vanilla, oud and patchouli deliver an earthy and sophisticated scent. Geranium & Green Leaves was created in collaboration with JARDINE BOTANIC. From Founder and Florist, Jardine Hansen, "I've always been mesmerized by the mysterious alchemy of perfume. The way certain notes can be strung together to evoke a feeling or a memory is fascinating. I was thrilled to be invited to collaborate with ECOYA on this project. My desire was to create a fragrance reminiscent of a time spent in the Australian bush, a wild and rugged landscape with quiet moments of beauty."

Jardine Botanic 1Jardine Botanic 2



Designed in collaboration with Auckland florist and Blush founder, Kelly Karam.

A heavenly white floriental boasting fresh green top notes and a heart of tuberose, jasmine and ylang. A base of New Zealand cedarwood and fragrant fig leaves rounds out this sultry and feminine fragrance. Tuberose & Fig was created in collaboration with Kelly Karam of BLUSH, "Creating my own fragrance has always been on the wish-list, I just never thought it would happen so soon. Of course, I wanted to create a floral scent so I chose some of my absolute favourite fragrant blooms - tuberose and stephanotis - plus fresh orange leaves, earthy fig and deep musk. The result was sultry and feminine, and gorgeous. I feel very privileged to be a part of this project alongside the amazing talents of Jardine Botanic and Mr Cook, and with ECOYA."

Kelly KaramKelly Karam 2



Designed in collaboration with Sydney florist and Mr Cook founder, Sean Cook.

An uplifting fragrance featuring citrus top notes of pomelo and orange. Infused with mint leaf and vanda orchid and blended with a velvety base of tonka bean, this perfume offers a bold and refreshing bouquet. Pomelo, Mint & Vanda Orchid was created in collaboration with Sean Cook of MR COOK, “Although I work with flowers and fragrance all day, every day, capturing my perfect fragrance required a lot of consideration. I loved the creative process of playing around with the notes and understanding how a perfect scent is curated. I’m delighted to be a part of this collection and to be included alongside my fellow florists whose work I’ve admired over many years.”

Sean Cook1Sean Cook2

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