Signature Essentials Bookcase Narrow

Signature Essentials Bookcase Narrow

Product Code: S23744578

Signature Essentials Bookcase Narrow

The Signature Essentials narrow bookcase is the perfect solution for those who lack space but have plenty of books. Designed with versatility in mind, you can butt two together side by side for maximum impact or simply have one as a stand alone piece.

Slim yet spacious, this bookcase is a stylish piece and was designed for apartment or small home living. Crafted from engineered wood that has been coated in a matte white lacquer for a pristine look and feel with a quality finish.

The minimal aesthetic of this simply designed piece is perfecr want to streamline their home and reduce clutter.


Kit contains:

S. Essentials Bookcase Narrow Carton 1/2

Product Code: S23702004

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S. Essentials Bookcase Narrow (Legs)

Product Code: S23702011

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