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Giraffe Armchair Ritz

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Giraffe Armchair

With the long, lean frame of a supermodel, the Giraffe armchair makes a strong style statement. Giving the classic wingback a modern twist, this armchair has real wow-factor due to its exaggerated scale and oversized proportions. Button detailing, the concave back and a streamlined arm profile are just a couple of the ways this chair showcases top design pedigree. Those elegant timber legs add to the Nordic feel of the chair that is sure to bring a defined elegance to your living zone, bedroom or study. Lovely when bought as a pair, or beautiful as a stand-alone piece.

Dimension - Width:
Dimension - Depth:
Dimension - Height:
Fabric / Foam / Fibre / Webbing / Timber / Steel
Assembly Type:
Simple Leg Assembly Required