With the option of working from home more apart of our lives than ever, we thought we would share a few of our top tricks for working from home and to make your workspace as productive as possible.

Below are a few of our favourite workspaces we’ve found via Pinterest, and our new season furniture and homewares to style a perfect workspace for yourself or family this season. We’d love to see how you style your home this season, simply tag @freedom_nz #stylebyfreedom in your Instagram photos and we will share our favourites.



+ Your workspace should be inspirational. Be careful not to over-do the accents and knick knacks to make it feel cluttered. It’s all about striking a balance.

+ Allocate a small area of your home to your office so when you’re in that space your mind can click on. It can be as simple as a small desk or a designated room. But give your work the respect it deserves and you’ll be amazed at how productive you can be.

+ Transfer corporate habits to your home office. Make sure to prepare breakfasts and lunches in the morning so that you don’t spend time cooking and cleaning up during the day.

+ Break-out spaces are ideal for re-energising. Doing some work in a different, pleasant spot away from your desk can be invigorating. Even just a feature chair by a quiet window could be the solution. Music can make all the difference, try to listen to music that makes you feel inspired.

+ Try to get out to a cafe shop once a week to get inspired and to conduct face-to-face meetings.

+ Tidy up your workspace at the end of each day so the following day starts off fresh and you can get right to business.




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