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742x175 - Winter 2012 - Sustainability

Our stance on timber and sustainable sourcing

freedom regards ethical timber sourcing as a high priority for the business and aims to comply with the relevant legislation regarding timber sourcing.

Steps we’re taking:

freedom Furniture is committed to identifying the source of timber materials that are used in the manufacturing of our furniture products, and we will take reasonable measures to ensure that the timber materials used meet the following requirements:

  • comes from a known source
  • sourced legally
  • sourced from species not listed as threatened
  • not sourced from conflict timber
  • not sourced from high conservation areas
  • comes with documentation proving legality and source

freedoms’ suppliers are required to provide documentation regarding the timber materials used in their furniture products.

Where are we now?

freedom is implementing an Ethical Timber Sourcing Policy (ETSP) which will be phased in over the next 18 months.

We are working closely with our local and international suppliers, with the goal of having all timber materials used in the production of furniture credibly and ethically sourced from legal and sustainable forest operations.

This work is ongoing and our team at freedom is continually reviewing our policies to ensure all goals are achieved.