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742x175 - Autumn 11 - Custom Curtains

Custom Curtains

Whatever your window, we've got it covered. That is, we'll get it covered. Pick from our extensive range of colours, fabrics, finishes and trims in store or book an appointment for a free in home measure and quote. 

Custom made curtains are a great way to transform your home, as well as making a stylish statement. So mix, match and coordinate different patterns, textures and colours to create a luxurious and refreshing new look, and with an array of different heading options to choose from you can create the perfect curtains to suit your home.  

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 Custom-Pencil-Pleat-Curtain  Custom-French-Pleat-Curtain  Custom-Dutch-Pleat-Curtain

Pencil Pleat 

  • Timeless traditional design works with prints, plains and most textures  
  • Pleats can be loose or tight and fullness adjusted


French Pleat

  • Groups of triple pleats
  • Creates a formal heading with a uniform finish and neat stacking to the side

Dutch or Twin Pleat 

  • Slightly more casual style than the French pleat  
  • Useful for heavier fabrics where French pleating would be difficult
 Custom-Single-Pleat-Curtain Custom-Inverted-Pleat-Curtain  Custom-Wave-Pleat-Curtain

Mono or Single Pleat 

  • Simple singular pleat using less fabric than French or Dutch pleats
  • Creates minimal stack at the side 
  • Ideal for more patterned fabrics or obvious stripes


Inverted Pleat 

  • Reverse of the Dutch pleat  
  • Ideal for plains and textured weaves
  • Creates a simple, stylish and contemporary look

Wave Pleat

  • Soft, simple, contemporary style
  • Limit tape at the back creates a permanent wave when curtains are closed