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About Us

Our story begins back in 1981, our year of discovery, when we realised we had a vision for living that could help New Zealanders enjoy a better life. It came down to three simple ideas:

  • Great design doesn’t just look good, it enhances the quality of your life.
  • Great style never dates, it just gets better with age.
  • Great design and style don’t need a great big price tag to match.

Not rocket science admittedly. And we are talking furniture and homewares, not the state of the nation.

But by showing you how you can make big changes with simple, beautifully designed things, we hope we can inspire you to express your own personality and sense of style in your home.

Affordably, enjoyably and stylishly. Simple as that really.

And with 12 freedom stores all around the country, and beautiful new things arriving in-store all the time, there’s no end to our story.

Find your nearest freedom store here